"Don't count the days, make the days count"
Muhammed Ali
"Begin with the end in mind"
Steven Covey
"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."
Albert Einstein
Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Coaching and hypnotherapy can help with a wide varietly of conditions, or explore behaviours. These could be things that you'd like support with, or positive behaviours that you'd like to grow and encourage.

In many cases, some of these problems can overlap or overlay; eating disorders could come from anxiety issues, which in turn could come from confidence issues. However, through exploring key drivers around behaviour we can get to the root cause of any issues, and then correct and improve on these from the bottom up.

However, as a starting point, I've outlined many of the things I can support with below. Please take a look and think about how they resonate with you. If you recognise any of these negative behaviours, then please make contact today. I'd love to support you in your journey to a better you.

Personal Coaching

Coaching is such a fantastic tool to use if you've something in your life that is just not working out. If areas such as work life balance, career, family, relationships, money or retirement aren't going in the way you had hoped and dreamed then coaching is the answer. You have the answers locked away somewhere inside you, and with the help of me asking you questions we can unlock the answers and let you flourish.

We'll look at the goals you have for your life, truly define them, and explore steps you can take to make your hopes and dreams a reality. We can explore your values that drive you and your limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Life is too short and I’m passionate about helping you to get the absolute best out of your life. You'll find with the use of coaching that your confidence will increase, your ability to learn and develop will grow, your passion and excitement for life will return and you will achieve your goals.
Fertility Support

A subject very close to my own heart. Having tried unsuccessfully for five years to have children and trying countless different methods, I was very fortunate to have a successful pregnancy and give birth to my twins. However, all this came at not only a huge financial cost but also a physical and mental cost too. My mood was all over the place every month, and I was experiencing massive highs at the start of a new cycle and then massive lows whenever my period started. It’s a time of uncertainty, and fear that this overwhelming desire for children may never happen.

Hypnotherapy and coaching can help to reduce the emotional turmoil, stress, anxiety, and reduce the feelings of complete and utter helplessness in yourself, your body and in the medical profession. In our sessions we'll focus on and explore:

Releasing your stress and anxiety
Relaxation techniques
Maintaining a positive attitude
Visualising and believing in the desired outcome
Stress and anxiety

We will all encounter stress and anxiety in our lifetime, and most of this is our normal response to everyday life. Our sub-conscious is here to protect us and will invoke the fight or flight response whenever it suspects trouble. This response is normal and necessary to keep us safe.

However for some, rational response can climb to an irrational level and can start to interfere how we live our lives. Hypnotherapy can help by exploring and identifying the root cause of your anxiety. I'll guide you into a deep state of relaxation and if appropriate pinpoint the initial event where we can reframe that event into a positive situation. We will go on to visualise these situations in your life as positive and completely change your perception of a situation. With the use of relaxation techniques you'll find new strategies that will help you deal with your stress or anxiety.
Weight Loss

Have you had enough of your weight yo yo’ing?
Sick of fad diets?

Using a combination of Hypnotherapy and coaching we'll be able to change your views and destructive habits on eating for good. In the first session I'll coach you to really understand your goal, your relationship with food and where this relationship has come from, explore your options and sign up to some actions. After that II'll incorporate Hypnotherapy and coaching. I'll guide you into a deep state of relaxation and make positive suggestions to your subconscious. Your subconscious will be highly susceptible to these changes and will start to adopt them. If necessary, we'll look at your deep rooted eating behaviours and reset them into positive situations and experiences.
The final session will be focusing on maintaining these new healthy and positive lifestyle changes.

This combination works exceptionally well as it’s so important you understand why you eat. You'll also be weighed on every visit and I'll be here to motivate you, challenge you and congratulate you.
Low self-esteem or Low self-confidence

If your self-esteem or confidence is low, it can really hinder what you set out to achieve in life. In fact, if it’s very low, it can stop you setting out to achieve anything at all. If left unchecked this can grow into depression and even more serious mental health issues.

If you're tired of having negative thoughts, a lack of belief in your ability or you're just beating yourself up mentally, then Hypnotherapy and coaching can be a great combination for you. We'll explore where your low self-esteem or low confidence stems from, and use positive suggestions to replace your negative thoughts and remind you of your successes to date. We'll identify strategies that you're happy to adopt in your life to grow your self-esteem and confidence levels, and we'll work on promoting positive thoughts, attitudes and behaviours for life.